Blog Launch!

Hi there origami blogosphere! I decided that it was time I had a blog again– I’ve been doing a lot of projects recently, and Flickr isn’t very good for organizing things that aren’t photos. I will still be active on Flickr, but I’m going to make this the focus of my online presence. The timing of this launch is fairly arbitrary– I’ve been putting it off since late August. But recently I realized that I’m going to be at conventions in Cali, Colombia, and Berkeley, California during the month of November, and it would be great to have a web address to hand out during those conventions. So here we are!

Be sure to check in again soon– I’ll be rebooting the Public Diagram Project in a few days with more diagrams and historical background, which I’m very excited about.

In the meantime, I’d like to continue a tradition of mine– for the past five years, I’ve posted a diagram for a Halloween-themed design every October. Previous diagrams have included Crazy Jack, one of the simplest models I’ve ever diagrammed, and Crooked Witch, which Sara Adams kindly made a video for. Anyway, this years’ diagram goes along with my recent article at OrigamiUSA’s The Fold, about layout and style in diagramming. I hope you enjoy it: Lurking Ghost

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One Response to Blog Launch!

  1. Elly van Zundert-Vink says:

    Hi Andrew, succes with your new blog..and
    Have fun at the conventions; I just lov’it when folders share their participation at exhibitions where I know, will never come..Thanks in advance; first(?) follower from Holland..

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